When Can I File a Personal Injury Claim?

Let’s face it: it’s inevitable that you’ll experience an injury sometime in your life. Some accidents even warrant legal action, especially when another party is responsible for the accident that led to you being injured. If you can prove that your accident happened because of another party, you may have a legitimate legal claim and the basis on which to initiate a lawsuit.


A civil case exists when a legal claim is put forth which can then compensate you for any damages that resulted in the accident that the other party is found to be legally responsible for. Damages that can be compensated through a legal claim include lost wages, medical expenses, damage to personal property, and compensation for any pain and suffering experienced. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering whether or not to file a claim is the fact that you must be able to prove where the negligence occurred that caused the accident that lead to your injury. You must also provide legitimate proof of any damages you incurred as a result of the accident caused by negligence. Typically, these claims don’t go to trial, since the settlement process is usually more affordable for all parties involved, but there are instances where the claim is carried to court as a civil suit.


Not all claims prove negligence on behalf of the other individual or party, however. Many claims put forward result in determining that there were faulty or defective products being used, or that an accident happened in the workplace, or that the accident was the result of an intentional act by another party, all of which would follow a different set of regulations. For example, if you are injured in the workplace while at work, you would file the injury as a workman’s compensation claim, and in all likelihood, not be able to sue your employer, since most states’ laws prevent injured workers from suing their employers.


Since proof and evidence are the main necessities when filing a claim of negligence against another party, you should know which items qualify as proof. Police reports, incident reports, eyewitness statements, photos, medical records, documented time away missed from work, and testimony from a medical professional all qualify as items you can and should collect when putting together a case.


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